Wednesday, August 03, 2005

NGOs in Russia

This news release on Russian control over politically-minded NGOs seems to support some earlier concerns.


Anonymous said...



John said...

Not that this has to do with much of anything, but I thought I'd point out that your links say something about you I never knew . . . you're a flaming liberal! :-)

I really didn't know that as I have usually agreed with lots of the stuff you post and in our conversations.

Anyway, hope life's treating you well, as is the job situation and school situation. Have fun!

Jeremy Little said...

Ahh, but you fail to notice the rabid conservative ones posted there, as well. It's important to be cognisant of the perspectives, ESPECIALLY if you don't agree...

John said...

Hmmm . . . I agree it's good to know about differing points of view, but I question how far this line of thinking should be taken (taking it to its logical end is much farther than I feel is necessary). I do know that I personlly don't have enough time to spend reading much stuff I consider to be out in left field, so won't make my list of regular sites.

So . . . I took a closer look at the links (I hadn't even noticed the Ann Coulter link the first time), even clicking on some of them. So, with Ann Coulter and balancing each other out, I'm still not sure what to think, except that my original conclusion may have been too hasty and too harsh. Sorry. :-(

I'm not sure where to put the econimics/help the poor sites, but I guess I don't think they're in any spectrum. They just seem to be common sense, not liberal or conservative or anything else. Maybe the links end up being a wash?