Thursday, July 20, 2006

Traveling in Georgia

Unfortunately, I've been too busy on weekdays and weekends to make it out to these places yet, but here's a brief article from the NYTimes describing what I'm missing out on.

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John said...

I often say I left a piece of my heart in Russia. Articles like this do nothing useful for that piece. :-) Of course, I would happily do without the typical snotty American kid's Eurotrip, what with all the dancing, getting hosed, and partying, but the Лады, the food, and the scenery would be amazing. I really hope you get to get out and enjoy it. We're finally getting away from suburbia this weekend and going camping in western Maryland in "the mountains," as they call the small hills here. Its supposed to rain, but this is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime chance since we won't have to pay the outrageous $25.00 campsite fee since it's the last day of Aaronic Priesthood Camp, and I'm in the ward's young mens presidency. It'll be Anna's first time, so things'll be interesting.