Wednesday, June 27, 2007


What is up, my ninjas?

I'm sitting here in a $6/night hostel in Vietnam's great capitol of Hanoi on a beautiful steamy summer morning. So everyone seems to be asking me about my suddenly overwhelming male pattern-baldness. I figured a shaved head would be a lot more comfortable in SE Asia, and I was right. Tonya says she thinks she sweats much more than I do. It's disgusting. Plus, I get to look sort of like Patrick Stewart or Dallin Oaks. What's not to love about that? My mother disagrees, however; she might've already disowned me.

So Tonya and I took a trip yesterday to Ha Long Bay, about 180 km east of Hanoi along the coast. We took a boat ride around some beautiful islands. It was quite overwhelming, actually. I will post some lovely pics a little later on. Today we're taking another day-long trip to the famous Perfume Pagoda outside Hanoi. Then we'll hop on a night bus and travel to the city of Hue down south.

It's been pretty fun, so far. The Vietnamese are EXTREMELY friendly and accommodating. It's remarkable how little resentment anyone seems to feel over that skirmish, about 30 years back. We rarely, if ever, run in to American tourists, however. Perhaps we aren't so forgiving. Perhaps we have better things to do. And perhaps we're missing out.


Anonymous said...

Germs, both Patrick Stewart and Dallin Oaks are over 60. Maybe not so much what you want to look like. I'm glad you're having fun though! - leah

Anonymous said...

Stewart, Oaks, or...Yoda

Anonymous said...

What we're missing on the blog is an explanation for those of us who don't get the regular updates from you is who Tonya is. Where did she come from? Are you married now and that somehow escaped us all? Anyway . . .

John P.

Anonymous said...

Hey J Dawg.

Love the hair. You realize you probably just stimulated hair growth in other regions...ears, nose, back. You get the picture.

Did you actually end up at the palace, or just eating pineapple at some random persons home? Also, you seriously, need to start eating more carbloaded ice cream and doughnuts.

Alrighty...have a good one.