Saturday, January 26, 2008

UTA Audit Released,5143,695247383,00.html

This was the audit that took the majority of my time while working for the Utah Legislature. My old friends at OLAG asked me to help peer-edit part of this audit. Unfortunately, I had only half a day, and my review was less-than-thorough. Check the whole thing out at


Team UTA said...
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Jeremy Little said...

Ouch. Except for one word and that comment would've made it through the Jeremy censor. Someone needs to keep Otto away from computers. They're for grown-ups. Keep it coming.

Ryan M said...

Hey Jeremy-

This is Ryan Millecam. I was cleaning out the old inbox when I stumbled upon the email that announced this blog's beginning. That's cool that you're living in Moscow now. How long has that been going on? Coincidentally, I got a call today from a firm that has an office in Moscow that would like me to interview with them (for the Moscow position). So I figured I'd write. (Note-don't post this on your blog; but if you want a tie-in, my girlfriend in highschool was Rep. Valentine's daughter).

Hopefully all of my birthday and care packages, and other letters and things, made it to you just fine over the years. I would hate to think that they didn't make it through and that you were left wondering if I really cared all these years.

In case they didn't make it, I'll give you the update. I spent the last three years at the University of Michigan going to law school. It was lots of fun--great school, great football. And plenty of crappy weather. It was a great environment: very intellectual and very liberal. Which was so nice after BYU.

While I was in Michigan we had our first (and only) kid: Miles. He's now 2.

I now live in Phoenix and work at a small firm named Gammage & Burnham. It's a pretty cool job. And the pay would be good if it wasn't all going to paying off student loans.

In other news, I haven't really kept up the Russian. By not really I mean: not at all. I still read the Bible in Russian from time to time and check out a news article or two. But that's about it.

Please send me your email so I can ask any questions as we consider moving:

Peace out yo,