Sunday, October 05, 2008

Backward and homebound, the pigeon the dove

The road has had its twists and its turns, but here I am now sitting in Alexandria Virginia. I suppose it's home now, though I'm still trying to convince myself that it's "me". Those who were expecting to hear from me reporting in Azerbaijan, I'm afraid I've proved a disappointment. After a notably protracted and agonizing decision-making process, I opted out of the offer I had in the Microfinance industry.

My new position has taken me at least momentarily to the bustling streets of Washington DC. My new position will be, shockingly enough, working for the US Federal Government. This means that I'll be spending most of my time in far-flung refugee camps around the world. It also means that as much as I'd like to post running commentaries on my professional activities, I won't be able to. This isn't because the work is highly secretive per se; it just means that publicly posting all the details is not encouraged. I'll be happy to talk about what I'm doing in private conversations. I definitely can give you an earful.

On the other hand, I will make a conscious effort to keep this here blog updated with facts about places I'm working, including country conditions, political situations, and the various ruminations that seem to only have an outlet during the introspective moments when I have an internet connection in close proximity. For those of my friends and acquaintances who don't like long-winded, pendantic meanderings that don't really seem to go anywhere, please reroute yourself somewhere (anywhere) else.

In keeping with the spirit of nonsequitur blogging, I've decided to adopt a new tradition. Since I'm a rather unrepentant fan of quirky old-man music, and since I furthermore feel compelled to acquaint the world (or at least my small corner of it) with the joys of the likes of Neil Young and Van Morrison, I've determined to take occaision to entitle my blogs with lyrics from tunes that seem to reflect my mood when I'm penning said blog. If you click on the blog entry title, you may even be treated to a performance. Enjoy the musical happiness.

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Andrew said...

Hahaha, you're one of my favorite people in the whole world. Even if you do listen to music they play on my Mom's radio station.