Thursday, April 07, 2005

Blah blah blah

I sincerely apologize for the length of that last entry. As I read through it now, I feel overwhelmed by poor punctuation, grammar, and really weird wordiness. Perhaps I should hire an editor. Volunteers, anyone?

I wanted to update a few things. The meeting with the J-dubs was great. They were very considerate, and will return at some indeterminate time in the future. For the Stephen Covey fans out there, be aware that they absolutely will not set an appointment. Seriously, seriously less effective. I think I've identified a fundamental point of disagreement with them, though: they will read a passage from the Bible that talks about how great God's word is. They will turn to me and say "see, only the Bible is God's word!" I don't know exactly what one would call this fallacy, so I googled 'fallacies' and found this website. After a few minutes of study, I decided that our J-dub example might best fit the affirming the consequent fallacy. It's kind of like saying "you should only believe the word of God; the Bible is the word of God, therefore you should only believe the Bible." But I didn't bring this up.

Finally, I need to formally advertise the virtues of google's new web-based gmail service on this site. I won't personally review it here other than to say that it's awesome. Hotmail, yahoo, and yo mumma's mail don't even come close. You can read some good reviews here or here. So far it's available through invitation only, since google is still testing their beta version of the service. Why do I bring this up on my website? Because I want to spread the love. I have 50 invitations that have been sitting unused for over a month now. If you would like your very own account, let me know. Tell me why you are deserving of such an honor (my standards are pretty low) and I'll send one off to you.

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