Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Can wishing make it happen?

So I have a date for a return to the US of A. It's kind of interesting for me to think about; I've never looked forward to a return home from a trip abroad with such a sense of relief that I feel this year. I suppose there are quite a few reasons for this, but I find it ironic that I feel so tired when I've done so little in the way of activity. I'm forced to admit that my jaunt to Scandanavia has probably been my least meaningful foreign adventure to date. The only reason I'm providing this little window into the Life of Jeremy is because I've learned something from this that I feel is worth sharing. I came to Finland without any real goals or expectations. I figured I'd just take a few classes, perhaps learn a little Finnish, and go with the flow for a few months. I find that I get more tired when I'm relatively idle with low expectations that I do when I have a schedule full of goals and responsibilities. I'm more convinced than ever that if a person wants to be successful and proactive, then s/he will be, and there will be enough energy to get the necessities accomplished, along with a few extras. But none of us have enough energy to be idle.

So to sum up, I encourage anyone to come to Finland. Just make sure you won't have time to do everything you want. You'll have a great time.


briant said...

jeremy, so you finally learned to be idle? bout time. jk, valuable lesson to learn. i will have to keep it in mind. true principle though; its good to set goals. as pres. put it, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

briant said...
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