Friday, April 08, 2005

Frisbee = San Francisco? Seriously.

I was so excited to discover that there are online language tools that translate any webpage into almost any major language! So I says to myself: "Self, great day! Now your Russian friends can read your mindless banter!"

I therefore promptly translated this here blogsite into Russian. Now I realize that I employ a somewhat unctuous, wordy, and yet folksy method of communication in my writing, but I figured that the translator should at least get the general idea of my blog across. You can therefore imagine my disappointment at how unintelligible this Russian translation is. It's actually quite funny... my simple title become something like "Morning in the grammatically determined member world." And nothing is in the right case. The word "frisbee" became "San Francisco" in Russian. Who knew frisbees and elegant cities had so much in common? It's actually a great gag, so I'm installing a permanent link to the translations on my side bar. I also included a few other languages. That'll give you some ideas for a Friday night when you're sitting around wondering what todo and you're sick of charades.

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Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing about the following phrase:
Так Я says к я: "собственная личность, великий день!